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Many years ago I made a conscious and deliberate decision to work with the organizations who were in most need of my skills, and the companies whose mission I could believe in. The result has been incredibly rewarding. The people I have had the privilege to work with have shown me what true dedication is, and they are the fuel of my inspiration. This focus in my work has taught me that when you have a passion for the work you do, it’s evident in the product you create.


Leafy Greens Graphic design is owned and operated by me, Melissa Hudgens – a graphic designer with an appetite for good design, sustainable practices, positive working relationships with my clients, and naturally, leafy greens. I love the design process, and the fresh challenge that a new project promises. 


Let's get started. 

fresh design.

Leafy Greens Graphic Design is a Chapel Hill, NC design studio specializing in strategic branding and visual messaging.

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